Big Walnut Lacrosse
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2024 Spring Season Important Info

Learn more about our teams and registration.

The Growth and Benefits of Youth Lacrosse

Beyond just the thrill of the game, lacrosse offers young players an array of benefits.

The Alarm Bell of Youth Sports: Keeping Kids in the Game

Together, we can ensure kids stay in sports, grow with sports, and love sports, long past the age of 11.

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Lacrosse is more than a game. It can be a lifeline.

Join the Family: Coach With Big Walnut Lacrosse

Have you ever felt that urge to make a genuine difference in someone's life? If so, Big Walnut Lacrosse has a proposition for you.

Excellence Over Perfection: Help for the Perfectionist Youth Athlete

Playing well during a game, scoring or saving a goal, getting a ground ball, winning a face-off or draw, making a great pass, winning a game or tournament … All of these things are awesome achievements but none of those achievements have any correlation

It's Their Game, Not Ours

We can change youth sports culture, but it's going to take leading by example on the sidelines. We have to find the courage to speak up.