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Sep 19 2023

Join the Family: Coach With Big Walnut Lacrosse

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Join the Family: Coach With Big Walnut Lacrosse
Have you ever felt that urge to make a genuine difference in someone's life? That passion for making an impact that goes beyond scores and statistics? If so, Big Walnut Lacrosse has a proposition for you.

Be Part of a Growing Movement
The numbers tell the story. Over 150 kids and counting in our youth program. A remarkable 23% growth in participate in 2023. This growth is testament to the love and passion our community holds for the sport of lacrosse. And this momentum doesn't just stop at youth level. We need dedicated individuals at middle and high school levels, too. As we grow, so does our need for inspired and committed coaches.

More Than Just a Game
Our mission at Big Walnut Lacrosse isn’t just about playing; it’s about keeping as many kids in the game as possible, for as long as possible, and in the best conditions possible. But how do we do that? Through our coaches.

Think about this statement: "A coach's worth isn't found in their win/loss record but in the impact made in their players' lives." 

It beautifully encapsulates our ethos. As a coach with Big Walnut Lacrosse, you're not just tallying scores; you're building futures. Your focus will be on instilling the fundamentals of lacrosse, inspiring players to love the game, and educating them on respecting and honoring its roots. The real game here isn’t just on the field; it's in the lessons imparted, the confidence instilled, and the memories created.

Commitment, Fun, and Inspiration
While coaching is fun, it's no secret that it requires commitment. It takes time, energy, and a dedicated heart. But ask any of our current coaches and they'll tell you: the rewards far outweigh the demands. The gleam in a child’s eye when they finally master a skill, the gratitude of parents, the camaraderie with fellow coaches. These are experiences that stay with you for life.

We've Got Your Back
Big Walnut Lacrosse is committed to supporting our coaches. We offer training through USA Lacrosse and Positive Coaching Alliance to ensure you’re well-equipped and confident on the field.

Join the Big Walnut Lacrosse Family
We don't just say "family" as a catchy phrase. We mean it. Our players, parents, and coaches form a tight-knit community bound by a shared love for lacrosse and a commitment to nurturing its next generation.

If you've ever wanted to be part of something bigger, to influence young lives positively, and to immerse yourself in the beautiful game of lacrosse, now’s your chance.

Become a youth lacrosse coach with Big Walnut Lacrosse. Be part of our journey, our family, and let’s grow the game together. Send us a note at to talk more. We can't wait to grow the game with you.

NEW OPPORTUNITY: Big Walnut Middle School Boys Lacrosse is currently hiring coaches. Learn more and apply today. 

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