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Jan 5 2024


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LAX101: Explaining the World of Lacrosse for Parents!

Parents, it's time to dive into the heart of Big Walnut Lacrosse! Join us for LAX101, an exclusive event crafted to provide you with an in-depth understanding of our mission, organization, culture, and what to expect for the upcoming spring lacrosse season. Please RSVP for the event here.

Date & Time:
Saturday, January 13th

Big Walnut High School

Why Attend LAX101?

Connect with Our Mission: Discover the core values that drive our lacrosse community and how we're dedicated to fostering growth and sportsmanship while teaching life lessons through sport.

Explore Our Organization: Get a sneak peek into the workings of Big Walnut Lacrosse. Learn about our structure, leadership, and how we ensure a positive experience for every player.

Dive into Our Culture: Understand the unique culture that sets our organization apart.LAX101 will showcase what it means to “Be BIG” and the values that make us a lacrosse family.

Insight into Teams and the Game: Learn more about the teams we'll be fielding this spring and the differences between the grade-based teams. We’ll talk about about the game itself, the rules, and the exciting journey ahead for your player.

Parents, your presence at LAX101 is crucial to setting the stage for an incredible lacrosse season. RSVP today.

For New and 2nd-Year Players: Don't forget to also RSVP for our simultaneous FREE Pick Up Sticks event designed just for your beginning lacrosse athletes. Secure spots for both events here.

We can't wait to share the lacrosse experience with you at LAX101. See you there! 

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