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Big Walnut Lacrosse Association needs YOU!

Friends of Big Walnut Lacrosse:


Believe it or not we starting to plan our 2016 season.    Most of you know the grow lacrosse has in Central Ohio and across the country.    Last year we grew again, adding a 1st/2nd grade team and seeing growing numbers in all the other teams.     In order for us to continue grow and be successful we need more families involved in supporting the Big Walnut Lacrosse Assoc.  


Here are some of the areas you could participate:


Become a Board Member - the board meets once and month and sets the direction of the Association and plans for it's continued success.    And since Lacrosse is an school support we also work as liaisons with the Big Walnut Athletic Department to help support the Middle School and High School programs as needed.


Treasurer - We are in critical need for someone to step up and be Treasurer.  This is not as intimidating as it sounds.    This person will manage all money Receipts an expenditures and present a financial statement to the board at each meeting.


Field Maintenance -  Each year there are opportunities to help line fields, maintain equipment (putting new nets and painting goals) to name a few.


Coaching - we have been fortunate to have many volunteer coaches over the last years.   There are a couple areas we could use help this next season.   1st - 2nd and 3rd - 4th boys teams and Middle School girls team.   Also the High School and Middle school coaches are planning clinics with all the Big Walnut Lacrosse coaches to help develop you.    We also encourage our coaches to attend lacrosse coaching clinics the Association will pay registration fees to local clinics.


Team Administrators (aka Team Mom or Dad) - This is to support coaches, we want coaches focused on coaching and Team Administrators handling communications, getting volunteers for games as needed.   We will also make sure each of you have a cheat sheet and have access to past or current Team Administrators as mentors or to ask questions.


There are plenty of other areas we could use your help.   Fund raising, video tape games, etc.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.   Please contact me or any other Board Member should you have questions.  




Scott Williams

President, Big Walnut Lacrosse Association

614-371-7764 Mobile

by posted 08/24/2015
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